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Cheats & Easter eggs

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There is some stuff in demo which can't be explored in normal way. This screenshots are coming from secret first-person mode which is still in, like one that was in Alpha version, but removed from options list due to techical means (it's quite slow and Blood Omen sprites doesn't look good from such perspective). But if you want to see game internals, despite of bugs or reaching end of world or other tricky places, you can check it out by typing set cg_fps 1 in game console. To activate console press SHIFT+ESC

Other cheat commands

  • keyboard cheat darkmaster - adds all items and abilities like strength to visit Nosgoth Blood Script chamber or Ziegsturhl tavern's cellar and some other places. Note that some of abilities is unfinished.
  • command cmd modelcheat modelname - replaces the kain's body by monster model to test animations (the proper way is to use Spirit Wrack :)).
  • command map mapname - load certain level.
  • command slowmo value - set game speed (like 1.2 - 120%).

Meanwhile, the patch 1.01 is in development. It will fix some bugs and add several new features. Also the project goals was updated on About page.

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Blood Omnicide Demo v1.0 released

After long and exhausting development cycle of 1.5 year Blood Omnicide Demo is ready to be played.

Happy 2011!

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Happy new year to everyone!

Blood Omnicide Demo is ready and will be released in near time. Installer which is ~340 megs contain the game and level making tool.

Blood Omen vs Blood Omnicide

With such caption new video has been published on It shows detail comparison between Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Blood Omnicide. Alfonso Ruzafa, administrator and leader of Legado de Kain will make Espanol locale pack for the project, which will be included into general release.

New Blood Pill

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Blood Pill v0.9 version released, it adds:

  • JAM to Targa decoding. Thanks to MisterGrim for figuring out format specs and placing sources to public domain.
  • Ability to create small patches for pill.big, an example is on the right side - new russian main page for menu (patch included to program distrib as example).

It seems JAM format has better contrast and quality than Playstation STR. Updated Blood Pill page now contains some examples of decoded JAM frames.

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