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Supporting the Blood Omnicide

This page has been started because we have eventually be asked if Blood Omnicide do require funds support. Blood Omnicide is free project, meanwhile we do accept donations upon some categories of work. Like modelling of characters, texture making - that pretty hard tasks do require many people involved in a lot of hours, so we decided to buy some assets.

If you want to support project but have no skills at media creation, you can help with getting new assets. Consider it team work. Still, project is free and it's not donate-funded. Your support will help getting next milestone done faster and let project to have wide range of usable level assets, not more and not less.

By funding Blood Omnicide, you will put your name in the project's history (and in the credits).

Funding goals

  • Getting new assets and locations done;
  • Outsorcing: attraction of the professional staff for artwork and programming;
  • Content acquiring: texture and model packs;

Thanks to our sponsors *


Wesley Skeen

Paweł Sauer

Daniel Vonstein

Romain JOLY

Gabriel Jower

Eetu Kontinen

Alexandre Jude

* the list doesn not contain active Blood Omnicide team members.



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0 # Mauricio 2016-09-23 02:38
Hi, great release.

But one cuestion...
Were lang spanish??
0 # Cristopher Pölzl 2013-10-08 00:47
Here in brazil we have a site for financiating things. You offer the game for a low price, people buy it and when it is ready, you sent a copy of the game. Looks like it would fit perfectly this (they make a lot of money in there....) The name of the site is Catarse, you you guys wanna know more about it.
0 # Ber 2013-10-07 16:28
Yeah kickstarter would be an amazing option guys!
0 # Nicolas 2013-10-01 02:58
Yeah, Kickstarter! I would support it ASAP
0 # João Emmanuel 2013-08-15 19:16
I was wondering, why don't you start a kickstarter campaign? I'm pretty it would be funded faster than you expect.