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More arts

Blood Omen world concept section got populated by 3 more arts from David Lakatos, this time it's detail sketches.

  • azimuth_det
  • bane_det
  • malek_det


A large part of work on Nosgoth skies and on environments systems (including such efects as: fog, rain, lighting, posprocessing and sky objects) was done. New video shows it in action, and also shows the new modern HUD which was planned for a long time:

PS. Video includes music from Bloody Sounds project.

New concept art

David Lakatos submitted three new concept-arts depicting Protectors: Azimuth, Bane and DeJoule.

  • azimuth
  • bane
  • dejoule

Spring and summer in Nosgoth

Big news update so far. Mean_person posted a large portion of devoper's diary covering last 6 months, this time on Omnicide's Mod Database page. There are some things you may have already read about, like The Decorator, but there's also a couple of stuff that is uncovered for the first time.

Have a nice read!

Blood Omnicide on Quake Expo 2011

Check out new Blood Omnicide video - a tribute to original Blood Omen trailer on Quake Expo 2011: