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New Blood Pill

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Blood Pill v0.9 version released, it adds:

  • JAM to Targa decoding. Thanks to MisterGrim for figuring out format specs and placing sources to public domain.
  • Ability to create small patches for pill.big, an example is on the right side - new russian main page for menu (patch included to program distrib as example).

It seems JAM format has better contrast and quality than Playstation STR. Updated Blood Pill page now contains some examples of decoded JAM frames.

Other changes:

  • Fixed bug with 320x240 TIM being overwritten by 640x480 ones since both has same name (640x480 should be .htm.tim)
  • Fixed some crashes and path misalignments.
  • Added options for better works with installers (option to push progress percents into program stream, dumping errors to external text file etc.)