Blood Omnicide Project

Blood Omnicide is a project to recreate of Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain in 3D. Main goal is to save original game feel and provide nearly same gameplay and balance. By the way there will be some improvements & innovations, just because of nature of porting. Most critical ones will be optional in order to not violate game experience. Second goal is to provide game SDK that is open for modifications and additions so Omnicide can be used as a base for expansion packs and mods created in the world of Blood Omen.

Blood Omnicide is modification, it provides a patch that will port original game to new rendering pipeline. Blood Omnicide would require original PC Blood Omen or Playstation version of Blood Omen in order to play.

Successor features:

  • Genre 'Hack & Slash'
  • Written from scratch gameplay code that behaves like original one
  • Original speech and dialogs
  • Open Source gamecode and utilities

Technical features:

  • Improved AI routines
  • Darkplaces Engine
  • QuakeC scripting language
  • Altered secrets - new ways to find ones, some got changed for better gameplay experience
  • Hi-res textures, new special effects
  • Subtitles for speech and video
  • Multiplatform
  • Multiple languages support (via localization packs)


  • Improvements on combat dynamics
  • Any2Any form change (can morph from disguise to a wolf in single sequence)
  • Random puzzles - pattern generated on game start
  • Range attack monsters do attack in all 360 degrees


  • We not using content that was 'ripped' from other games of series