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Quite small update on Bloody Sounds - typo fixes, added message from XVWAWA. In the comments you can find new "Solemn Dirge" rendition by XVWAWA that is work-in-progress.

Attaching small WIP screenshot showing test case for new tool that is used to plant grass, thrash, trees and other models to the level surfaces.

Update on Bloody Sounds

Bloody Sounds receives another big update.

Emandes continues his work on Nupraptor's theme, fixing up instruments and adding more depth to the track, also he got completely new composition "Unveil a Mistery" for Blood fountain location. Comrade XVWAWA starts new track "Noble Death" which can fit Game Over screen. New composer nicknamed Paranoid joined our little team and presents 3 new work-in-progress compositions: "Heart of Darkness", "Sweet Dark Serenity of Death" and "Vorador's Mansion".

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Update on Bloody Sounds

Bloody Sounds project receive an update:

  • Added OGG/MP3's for "Awakening to the World" by Emandes.
  • Added new track "Lost beyond all Hope (theme for Nupraptor's Retreat, alpha)" by Emandes.
  • Added new track "Soloin Dirge" by XVWAWA.
  • Removed "Wuthering Nostalgia" by Emandes since it's mostly sounds like "Awakening to the World" and it's an earlier version of this track.
  • Added important note about track submission.

Bloody Sounds of Omnicide

This is the name of Blood Omnicide sound project that hasnt been uncovered yet. Idea is simple - create new tracks that will fit Blood Omen feel or extend existing ones with stereo and 44KHz. Project was started on autumn 2010 by RockMedved who created first track - tribute to Blood Omen crypt theme.

Later, 2 more folks - Evellnirt and Emandes joined the team and tracks count start growing. Today we publish the work very late state.

The page of Bloody sounds of Omnicide lays here. Comments are strongly appreciated!


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Small news pack for the last month.

Project now has page on Mod Database, thanks to Mkilbride.

Patch 1.01 is progressing, many fixed get approved, yet some more on the way. Thanks to Sidesman and ZZZmey for advanced bugreports. WIP screenshots and more on next lines.

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