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The Lost Worlds's anniversary

Today The Lost Worlds celebrates its 10'th anniversary. And to such great date, Ben Lincoln has prepared massive update that brings a lot of nice previously unseen materials - technical documents and articles explaining inner workings of Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2 engines, great fanmade concept art, complete source code for all Ben's tools and more. Even the site's main menu becomes more readable and polished.

But most bright star of this update is Original Blood Omen scripts - Cinematic Dialogue Script and NPC Recoring Script. Those scanned PDF files are dated back 1996 and written by Kenneth McCulloch, with additional work by Dan G. Chichester, Jim Curry, Seth Carus and Sheatlel Sarao. Scripts reveals many interesting and fun things, phrases, characters which are not get recorded in final game. Although those phrases are still part of Blood Omen world. This is must read for any Blood Omen fan!

Happy Birthday The Lost Worlds!


A bunch of assorted Work-In-Progress screenshots, showing additions that was made in the last month:

  • cryptrelit
  • menuwidescr
  • nacht
  • newinventorybuttons
  • newpowerups
  • newspritesandshadows
  • odejunk
  • watertweak
  • wildrhi

Bloody Sounds 2.0

Bloody Sounds receives a big update, now it contains 32 tracks, 17 of new/remixes/reconstruction and 15 of early/unsorted compositions which were contributed to the project. Changes on Bloody Sounds include:

  • Project's page is now synced with SVN working copy, so it will be updated more often and show all the stuff that was contributed.
  • New categories have beed added to sort tracks by quality and mood.
  • Added categories for early and unsorted material.
  • Ogg Vorbis is now general and required format for music.
  • Most recent music from Emandes, Sidesman, Evellnirt and 4 early versions of original Blood Omen tracks have beed added.

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Back to work

And so the holidays are over, and the working days are back. And we are back to work on Blood Omnicide, armed with new ideas. During the holidays the team have been resting, playing games and having many other kinds of relaxation, however some progress has been achieved. Several bugs were fixed, SVN has been cleaned up, plans of future project's workflow were corrected and new structure standard for content naming (levels, textures, models etc.) was introduced.

Also should mention ModDB's contest, which ended not so long ago. Albeit Omnicide has not won in any nomination, we are very happy with the count of people, which gave their votes for Blood Omnicide. Big thanks to everyone who supported us there!

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Arts section got updated by recent works (there are unfinished ones) from Enigma, AmDDRed, Lakdav, Hedgenok and Adam Brown.

  • anacrothe_by_amddred
  • anacrothe_by_enigma
  • cave_wolf_by_amddred

  • armor_wraith_new_by_adam_brown
  • lion_by_enigma
  • rogue_by_enigma
  • towngirl1_by_enigma

  • concubine_by_ld
  • dudochnik_by_hedgenok
  • witch_by_ld