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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

Thank YOU for being with us! We LOVE YOU! Let all challenges will find successful solutions, events and news will be good and joyful!

Blood Omnicide v0.1 is released

Blood Omnicide v0.1 is ready to give you nostalgic journey in the the world of Nosgoth. New release is improved in all ways: more gamepley, more quality, more battles and secrets. Head over to the download page and check it out.

The future of the project begins now. With your decision, dear visitor, project will live further. At Your whim.

Soon, really soon


  • installer

Yet another milestone is reached. New installer supports PlayStation version of Blood Omen and wide range of setup options:

  • Installation from original CD in CD-ROM (both PC and PlayStation versions of BO), including mounted image drives.
  • Direct install from disk image file (ISO, BIN, MDF, IMG).
  • Setup from installed Blood Omen PC version (Bink patch supported).
  • Setup from installed Blood Omnicide Demo.
  • Blood Omen demo version install (using free Blood Omen Sneak Preview which includes first chapter of the game).

New installer also introduces game cache rebuild system, which will be utilized in future patches and can be used to switch between different releases of Blood Omen without re-installing the game.

  • sect02

Blood Pill 1.1

Improved version of Blood Omen resource extraction and transformation tool, BloodPill v1.1, adds support for map lighting and updated description on Blood Omen map format.

Blood Omen maps now can be exported with lighting shown. Lighting format was a 'blank page' for a long time, preventing us from creating full featured 2d maps renderer, which is an essential part of Blood Omnicide. Now lighting format is unveiled and 3D artist can inspect any corner of original design and implement a faithful 3D representation. But what is more important, is that creation of made-from-scratch legacy 2d renderer is now possible, and all-chapters gameplay could be implemented on original 2d levels, with enhanced graphics and features (such as xBrz texture upscale and more).

On the techinical side, Blood Omen uses a pretty modern lighting system for the era it was created. It supports two types of light sources - omnidirectional lights and spot lights. Omnidirectional lights have width and height, while spot lights have a radius of starting point, distance to spot zone and direction (top, right, left or down). Lights also can have an optional animated sprite (a fire sprite) and 'glare' flag, which adds a blink animation effect, or can be spawned only at night, or implement thunder flashes and more. Pretty nice!

Lighting format not the only thing progressed with map description. Structure members storing map type and music track was unveiled as well. Some fancy stats on music files usage: most used music track is Avernus (played in 100 locations), then goes Oracle's Caves (96 locations), Mausoleum (94 locations), Malek's Bastion (91 locations), Dark Eden (62 locations), Solemn Dirge (35 locations), Vorador's Mansion (30 locations), Road To Vengeance (12 locations). Most rare tracks are: Awakening and Elzevir with 9 locations each.