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Two months since the last news. Continuing course on version 0.1 development. Most greater features that were finished since last heartbeat are full ingame support of Bloody Sounds (includes 3 modes - original, extended, remix) and replacing player physics by special one written for Blood Omnicide, which solves well-known quake physics bugs as wallrun and sliding, also it behaves better with hack & slash game.

Here is some Work-In-Progress screenshots:

  • dismemberment_test
  • gogbolt
  • gypsyc
  • lava_texture_test
  • mass_battle_test
  • nachtholm_dried
  • nachtholm_smith
  • newgreenexp
  • torch_fire
  • torch_fire2
  • worldmap_localized
  • worldmap_sandy


As the time of technical research and feature discussion comes to an end, we are now heading straight to a release. Some significant features were added during the last month:

  • The terrain blending algorithm v2.0 was completed, now it implements splatting-style edges instead of gradient-like transition;
  • The Eagle Eye minimap was added;
  • Texture optimization was made (introduced DXT compression for all textures in the form of preconverted DDS images) which resulted in lowering the minimum system requirements for GPU memory to 256 mb.;
  • The particle effects editor was created for constructing and placing environment effects like smoke, fire etc.;
  • Autoaim for spells and artifacts was introduced. It is binded to the 'use magic/artifact' key, the longer you hold it, the wider is the angle;
  • Now you can see Kain’s silhouette through obstacles like trees that block your view;
  • Dynamic camera, which changes angle for more convenient perspective view, now works only in particular places (for example, narrows in the Steinchencröe location);
  • Zones of instant death (mostly various downfalls) were added to the game in which Kain instantly loses one Heart of Darkness and teleports to a safe place with a minimum amount of blood;


  • bronze_skulls_test
  • crypt2_test
  • graveyard_new_terrain_blend
  • implode_trail_test
  • minimap1
  • minimap2
  • new_nachtholm
  • new_nachtholm3
  • player_outlines

There’s still much to complete before v0.1 release will happen: new music playback system, add some monsters, finish worldmap for a bat form flights, models and textures for remaining locations. So if you have the skills of texture art or modeling, you are welcome to join the Omnicide crew, and help the project to become better and release sooner!

Blood Omnicide's Anniversary

Today, Blood Omnicide celebrates 3 years of existence. First version of project - Codenamed: Blood Omnicide was started in 22.03.2009 as a small recreation of Kain's mausoleum in 3D. Now it's a full-featured, faithful and extended modification for Blood Omen that is approved by Legacy of Kain Series fans all over the world.

This great day we would like to thank all people that help this project, making it strong. And also send greetings to all site visitors and fans of Legacy Of Kain!

PS. Other news:

Eidos Games Forums added to community sections.

AmDDReD submitted artwork for Blood Omen enemies:

  • brigand_mace_by_amddred
  • gypsy_by_amddred
  • gypsy_rogue_by_amddred

Recent Work-In-Progress screenshots:

  • omnicide20120322141015-00
  • omnicide20120322141048-00
  • omnicide20120322141101-00
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Bloody Update

Bloody Sounds of Omnicide got a new track in his contents - "Retreat" by Emandes. It is a background reconstruction from Nupraptor's Retreat bat fly FMV, extended in length and bringed to 44khz stereo format.


The Distinct Chronicles

Recently yet another milestone for Blood Omnicide 0.1 was completed - a support of Blood Omen Playstation version as installation base. Support for it was planned for demo, but delayed because of technical quirks.

Support of Blood Omen PS consists of two parts - implementation of libav for Darkplaces engine which adds capability to play wide range of video formats and scripts for automatic conversion of STR to AVI (thanks to jPSXdec tool for this).

With completion of these works we are ready to present new subproject that was hiding in shadows. The Distinct Chronicles - a project to increase quality of Blood Omen FMV's using state-of-art techniques of image resampling and filtering.

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