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This is the news of the last two months. We work mostly with the graphics. Previously we received complains about low texture resolution. Some work has been done, and we can say that it is possible to make textures of any resolution, it's just a matter of skill and spare time. Alas, the making of high definition textures requires more spare time and higher skill, which is not surprising. More screenshots on the way:

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News pack

It's been more than a two months since the latest news and we've got something to show. Work was concentrated at expanding the features that was done in the past and on development tools, whose main goal was improving toolset for generating and texturing terrain.

We didn't make futher progress in it (still using the legacy method - creating a brushset for an elevation map, then painting it by hand with special textures), but got closer. This is how the terrain looks like in the level editor:

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Big news pack come in the form of diary. Project will use 2d sprites for charactes. Usage of sprites is a temporary solution, 3d models will replace them once they will be done.

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English page are up

English page for project opened, with two "Alpha" and "About" pages. More news on the way.

Progress video