Frequently asked questions

Why Blood Omnicide?

When choosing the title the primary task was to retain the consonance with the original. The other task was to avoid all the clichéd additions such as "HD", "remake", "reborn" and other "re-". Besides, "blood omnicide" kinda reflects all the stuff happening in the game.

How close would Blood Omnicide follow the original game?

We would like to keep maximum similarity to the original gameplay and visual style. However, the project doesn’t follow the purpose of copying every single thing, especially such as known bugs or peculiarities of 2D realization. Minor features that do not have a major influence on the gameplay are secondary.

For example, in Blood Omen, when in water, Kain receives damage only when he is moving. Blood Omnicide keeps this feature for swamps, but water will deal constant damage, even when Kain stands still.

Will the game have a Third Person View from behind (like in The Witcher) or a First Person View (like in the Elder Scrolls)?

Neither. The gameplay is designed for a third person view from the top (like in Diablo). Although the first person view is incorporated, it is merely a demonstrational mode and can’t be used for playing.

What of the Kain’s monologues and speech in general?

One of the significant new features is subtitle support. Players will be able to play with original speech sounds (the one that is in their copy of Blood Omen) and subtitles in English, Russian or any other language for which the localization pack is made.

What about gamepads and other controllers?

Gamepads are supported. Other controllers technically are supported as well, but not tested.

Will widescreen be supported?

Yes. You can also select a suitable image stretching mode for video cutscenes playback.

What of the save system, will the original system remain? No quicksaves?

No quicksaves. The Blood Omen save point system remains.

Will there be cheat codes?

Yes, console cheat codes are incorporated.

How will the game be distributed?

As an installer. Blood Omnicide will require PC or PS version of the original Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain game. During the installation the game will take some of the resources from the original: music, sounds, speech, sprites etc.

Will the mod system from Quake be inherited?

Yes, absolutely. You can create modifications for the game and install them over the base files.

You said that there will be some new features apart from the remake of the original game. Will they be always available? What if I want to play without them?

We take an individual approach to everything new that we bring to the game for better balance and atmosphere synergy. The innovations most critical to the gameplay will be able to be turned on and off in the game menu, or even incorporated as modifications (you will need to start a new game for that). There is a fine line between mere enhancement and bringing something new, so if you are dissatisfied with any change, we would appreciate your comments on that matter.

Will it be possible to create new locations in addition to the existing ones?

Yes, the utility kit for creation of the new levels and story add-ons will be available exactly as we created it for Blood Omnicide development. Availability of open source utilities is one of the primary goals of the project.

When is the full version release?

We cannot say anything considering the full version release, because it is not planned; perhaps, it will be in some point in future. Right now we are working on development of the version 0.1. Follow the project’s news.

I found a bug/a mistake/something you haven’t done or did wrong!

Use the feedback form to tell us all about it.

How can I help?

Depends on your knowledge and skills. You could help making textures, 3D models, creating music for Bloody Sounds project, coding, translating or anything else that will help the project to be better. You could also help with a donation. If you are willing to help, you can always contact us and discuss all the details.