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WIP screenshots

Some of Work-In-Progress screens showing stuff: reworked pillars texture, foliage, environments.

  • alpha_to_coverage_test
  • crystal_model
  • fog_test
  • new_pillars_texture
  • newsky_and_alpha_to_coverage
  • wolf_cave


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YouTube has new Blood Omnicide tech movie posted - this time it's a 15-minute tutorial showing workflow of Decorator - ingame tool to place models and foliage over surfaces, created within Blood Omnicide project. The video shows creation of spike fields in fist room of Wolf Cave location (where Kain gets Lupon form).

The result of work you can see on this screenshot.

Experimental mapping

For the panoramic view of farplane stuff in Wilderness location, a 3D model of Lake of Tears was created. This video shows this experimental work, no texturing of lightning included, just a big-big-big map + volumeric fog + new panoramic sky test. And yeah, kain's mist form can walk water.

TaskFreak! and SVN logs are opened for public

Subversion logs and TaskFreak! tracklist are opened for public view. They are in russian language for most part however. But you can "google translate" them to get some more or less readable (not really :) info about recent project plans and commits.

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Not recent news

Two videos, not recent, well, and not published in blog yet.

First one - Graveyard night action, was published on YouTube on march 22 - a day Blood Omnicide was celebrating 2 year anniversary. Development of alpha version took 1 month and release of Codenamed: Blood Omnicide (old name of alpha) happened 22 april 2009.

Second video shows Decorator - a new tool to place grass, foliage and misc objects on Blood Omnicide levels.