Blood Omnicide Demo

Blood Omnicide Demo - second release of project. It consists of two very first chapters of game - Prologue and Arrival to Pillars. Additionally Magic Light crypt included as bonus level.

System requirements and setup:

  • Videocard that supports OpenGL 2.0 (GeForce 7600/Radeon X1300)
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • 1 Gb HDD (if installing using original Blood Omen™ PC)
  • 400 Mb HDD (if installing Blood Omen™ Sneak Preview)

Once entering the setup process, installation program will ask to supply original Blood Omen PC CD. Unfortunately, Blood Omen PlayStation CD is not supported in this release. If you don't have Blood Omen PC CD you can still setup special version of Blood Omnicide that is based on freely distributable Blood Omen Sneak Preview, a small demoversion which have no prologue/movies and only contains gameplay till the first Pillars arrival (so it cannot be used by future patches).


They are pretty much like original ones, gamepad and joysticks are supported and must be plugged in before game start.


  • omnicide000001
  • omnicide000002
  • omnicide000003
  • omnicide000009
  • omnicide000010
  • omnicide0000100
  • omnicide000011
  • omnicide000012
  • omnicide000018
  • omnicide000021
  • omnicide000022
  • omnicide000023

Additional info:

Blood Omnicide Demo also includes full game sourcecode and map editor (portable GtkRadiant), which can be used to build your own adventures for Kain. There are not manu documentation however, docs expanding and writing is on the .plan. By the way if you are experienced with Quake 1/2/3 level edititing, Blood Omnicide map editing will not be very hard for you.

Just like Alpha release, Blood Omnicide Demo has some unfinished features that gonna be completed in future patches.


Blood Omnicide Demo v1.00 (350 Mb)

The future of project is up to you, dear visitors. Only with your help Blood Omnicide will progress further. Now after two years of hard work project has reached new milestone - about 70% of gamecode are ready and most of work is concentrated on locations, environments, textures and models. If you like this project and want it to continue, please consider join the team, to make locations, textures and models, help us finish the project. Together we can make this dream come true!


Feel free to use contact form to send us bugreports or execution troubles.