About Blood Omnicide development team

Blood Omnicide development started in 2009 by a rather small group, but since the first presentation of the project on LoK community portals new people started to join. Some of those left in the process, and some are still working with the team. So, who’s responsible for bringing Blood Omnicide to release now?

The core team

Blood Omnicide is being developed by the community. However, every project needs a leading unit. For Blood Omnicide this is the core team formed by the members of RazorWind Games, a video game development group from Russia. The core team is responsible for the key aspects of the development such as work planning, design solutions and instruments, innovations and their integration, preserving the original atmosphere, combining the efforts of all the members to a final product. This job requires maximum involvement and complete responsibility, that’s why RazorWind Games are truly the people behind the Blood Omnicide project. The core team is rather humble in numbers:

  • Pavel [VorteX] Timofeyev – project’s lead
  • Vitaliy [Mean_Person] Gron – lead designer
  • Yuri [Sidesman] Kudrinezky – designer, tester


Key principles

All participants provide project’s progress

One might assume that the core team is the whole team, cause they are more in public than the rest of it. The core members is more experienced, committed and aware of the current state of the ongoing works, but those kind of skills can hardly be helpful without the team to realize the stated tasks. Although the presence of the formal hierarchy the team employs a feedback system which allows every single one of the team members to propose adjustments and optimization.


Blood Omnicide team is formed of developers from various countries. That’s an obstacle for direct communication between members. To maintain order and minimize the necessity of direct communication the development process is built around SVN repository. Every contribution leads to a commit and so every member is able to observe the progress through SVN. The work copy and commit log can be a source of information about ongoing works as well.

Independence and initiative

A peculiar feature for such a versatile team is the ability to work self-sufficiently for the result. As the team consists of people from different parts of the world, to gather all them in the same time is hardly possible. That is why initiative and independence is required to master principles and methods of development using documentation and getting knowledge by exploration of things that is already done.

From niche to common

Blood Omnicide is by definition a niche product targeted for Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain fans and those who wish to get acquainted with the series. However, innovations that do not distort the original concept and can possibly enlarge the target audience are welcome. Among such innovations might be multilingual and multiplatform support, improvement of the UI etc.

The team structure

Blood Omnicide team is divided into several independent groups responsible for particular areas of works. Such division can be not only by the type of the works but also by language. The team also include many members working solo.

The largest segments are:

  • Russian segment
  • English segment
  • Bloody Sounds team
  • The localization team

The support teams for the engine and utilities are also worth mentioning; even though they are not directly participating in the project, their contribution is considerable:

  • DarkPlaces engine developer team
  • GtkRadiant, NetRadiant and Q3map2 developer teams

The team members

The list contains all the current members of the Blood Omnicide team. The people who participate indirectly are not included: authors of freeware content, Darkplaces Engine and Quake utilities creators, and other authors, whose work was included in Blood Omnicide with their permission.

The core team

  • Pavel 'VorteX' Timofeyev
  • Vitaliy 'Mean_Person' Gron
  • Yuri 'Sidesman' Kudrinezky

3D modelling

  • Alexandra 'sunny_goddess' Vasilyeva
  • Nikita 'Userdelete' Stadnik
  • Alexander 'Q`Linar' Stolbov

Artwork and concept art

  • Alexandra 'MAD' Melnikova
  • Adam Brown
  • David Lakatos
  • AmDDRed
  • Pavel 'Hedgenok' Zuev

Bloody Sounds project

  • Marcin 'Emandes' Szymczak
  • Paranoid

Localization support

  • Lorenzo Forini (TraductionProduction), Giorgio 'Zelgius' Di Nucci - Italian
  • Marcin Szymczak - Polish
  • VorteX, Sidesman, Paranoid - Russian
  • Alfonso Ruzafa - Spanish