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Docs: Localization Packs

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There is a new section named "Development Topics" in the Wiki. And it has second article explaining how to make localization packs.

Blood Omnicide support localization packs in the form of separate PK3 files. That article will explain how to edit them, creating your own localization pack.

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New video

After exhausting cycles of testing and bugfixing we're proud to present first look to gameplay of Blood Omnicide demo:

WiP Shot

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Quite rude Work-In-Progress test screenshot showing final results of new terrain generation path that was started long time ago. That path will be used on all post-demo locations. Terrain on this shot is done in Blender.

3 WiP Screenshots

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Project progressing, more and more things get done:

  • point and area ambientsounds introduced
  • 90% of monster ghost form code
  • added system for player RPG-stats (immunitites, strength, mana regen etc.)

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