Bloody Sounds of Omnicide


Project to improve sounds of Blood Omen, including music. Original tracks has poor quality, judging by modern games. They are only 22KHz and mono.

The Goal

The goal of Bloody sounds is to make new tracks, mimicking original ones and also completely new themes that will fill new locations. There is a lot of levels that can have new track written, basic ideas is: villages, boss places, mines, menu theme etc.

Project is not going to replace talent and unique style of Steve Henifin, composer of Blood Omen music. We just trying to find new edges on his legacy and bring new tones to Nosgothic realm. This page will contain all tracks created for the project, including alpha and unfinished ones. Game will contain a packs of only finished work.

Blood Omnicide have 3 options for soundtracks:

  • Classic sound - all original tracks.
  • Extended sound - original tracks and some modern ones playing on several locations.
  • Modern sound - all new tracks, replacing original.

A short message from composers:

Emandes: Hi there everyone. I'm a long lasting fan of Legacy of kain series. Being also immersed in some technical issues of sound mixing, I've been honored to take part in this wonderful project. Some tracks I created are better than others but I worked on each of them a great deal and I hope most of them'll live up to your expectations. I use various methods and experiment with effects to provide most accurate and faithful renditions imaginable.
Paranoid: Being an amateur heavy-metal musician and composer, I was guessing, whether I could create some soundtrack music, and, more specific, music fitting the world and the unique atmosphere of my favourite game ever. This, combined with a desire to help the Omnicide project somehow, led to my humble participation in the Bloody Sounds.
XVWAWA: I am Randall Scott Stephens, a programmer living near San Antonio, TX, USA. I love videogames almost as much as I love music, and combining the two make me very happy, especially for a game that has been with me for 14 of my 25 years. For my VG music fix I frequent and, great websites AND great communities. I am giddy to be involved, in however small a part, in Blood Omnicide, and eagerly await its completion!
Sam cope: I've been following Blood Omnicide for quite some time now, and I've arranged and remastered a few of the game's songs. I'd arranged them several years ago for my own experimentation, but I'm a big fan of the Omnicide project and decided to give them another swing for you guys. I'm no Kurt Harland, but I've been doing music for years now, and if there's any way for me to lend a hand in helping this awesome project reach its goal I'd be honored to give it. As it is, music is a strong suit of mine, so this is the only way I'd really be able to give back to you guys for all the hard work you've put in.


Remastered original tracks
   Emandes - Avernus (reconstruction, extended)
   Emandes - Nupraptor's theme (reconstruction)
   Emandes - Retreat (fmv extended)
   Emandes - Slaughter (fmv reconstruction)
   Emandes - Trailer theme (reconstruction)
   Emandes - Vorador's deed (fmv reconstruction)
   Emandes - Awakening to the World
   Emandes - Lost Beyond All Hope (nupraptor's theme)
   Emandes - On the Road to Vengeance (panflute untimate)
   Emandes - Solemn Dirge (extended)
   Emandes - The Crypt (bold mix)
   Emandes - The Crypt (extended mix)
   Paranoid - Vorador's Mansion
   Rockmedved - The Crypt
   Sidesman - Solemn Dirge
   XVWAWA - Solemn Dirge
   Sam Cope - Malek's Bastion
   Sam Cope - Nupraptor's Retreat
   Sam Cope - Solemn Dirge
   Emandes - Against all the Odds
   Emandes - Unveil a Mystery
   Evellnirt - Avernus Caves
   Evellnirt - Cold Omnicide
   Evellnirt - Spirit Forge
   Paranoid - Heart of Darkness
   Paranoid - Sweet Dark Serenity of Death
   XVWAWA - Noble Death
   Emandes - Lost Beyond All Hope (beta version - shattered dreams)
   Emandes - Lost Beyond All Hope (early version)
   Emandes - Nupraptor X
   Emandes - On the Road to Vengeance (early version)
   Emandes - Wuthering Nostalgia (awakening alpha, bo rendition)
   Emandes - Wuthering Nostalgia (awakening beta)
   Steve Henifin - Approaching of the Vampire (early dollmaker theme)
   Steve Henifin - Blood is Good (early dark eden theme)
   Steve Henifin - Dark Castle (vorador's theme)
   Steve Henifin - The Nightmare Begins (malek's bastion theme)
   XVWAWA - Solemn Dirge (early version)
   Emandes - Gloomy Anticipation
   Evellnirt - Ambbyy
   Evellnirt - Dark Aavel
   Evellnirt - Inside the Dream
   Evellnirt - Melancholic Dance
FMV soundtrack without voices
   Blood Omen - ACT1
   Blood Omen - ACT10
   Blood Omen - ACT11
   Blood Omen - ACT12
   Blood Omen - ACT13
   Blood Omen - ACT14a
   Blood Omen - ACT14b
   Blood Omen - ACT15a
   Blood Omen - ACT15b
   Blood Omen - ACT16
   Blood Omen - ACT17
   Blood Omen - ACT18
   Blood Omen - ACT2
   Blood Omen - ACT4
   Blood Omen - ACT7
   Blood Omen - ACT8

All tracks in one archive:

Last update: 08.02.2015



"Can i participate?" - may you ask - Sure! Make a track that fits Blood Omen or make tribute for old track. We will post it here and use it on appropriate location, or other fans will use it on custom missions.


Important: Once submit track its better to send it in lossless format or we have to re-encode it to match the game (to match soundtrack's volume with game's volume normalization is required sometimes). Best case if you check ingame volume byself. To do so export track to (for example) kain/test.ogg, run game, open console (SHIFT+ESCAPE) and type cd loop test.ogg.



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0 # Sketch McDraw 2013-10-09 01:58
OMG the music you guys have done sounds amazing! Anychance that you'll be able to release the soundtrack as download upon completion? :-)
0 # Kest 2013-05-29 13:59
The link to download all tracks is broken.
0 # D.A.R.K.A. 2013-05-06 08:12
Really, really good job, the music is GORGEOUS , I can't wait for this game finally arrived! :D