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Small news pack for the last month.

Project now has page on Mod Database, thanks to Mkilbride.

Patch 1.01 is progressing, many fixed get approved, yet some more on the way. Thanks to Sidesman and ZZZmey for advanced bugreports. WIP screenshots and more on next lines.


  • Increased damagezones of Kain's weapons and enemies
  • Smooth camera z movement (when walking on stairs)
  • Fixed misalignment of Dimension and Time pillars
  • Monster sprites get recentered to fix possible overlaps with level geometry
  • Expanded first-person-view viewport size
  • Better functionality for gamma and contrast menu sliders
  • Once picking items and spells they automatically get linked in empty belt slots
  • Fixed first-person-view misalignments on Kain's murder scene
  • Fixed bugs with teleporters
  • New advanced jumping code for Lupon Form
  • Added some destructibe objects driven by ODE physicd engine
  • Improved viewtint and lightning for day-night cycle
  • Fixed spikeball model
  • Added "Heart Of Darkness" speech once Kain get ressurected from death
  • Reworked exitzones on Ziegsturhl, Cemetery and other open-air locations. Camera now stops following player once he got out of game zone.


Some Work-In-Progress screenshots from Wilderness and Wolf Cave:

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  • omnicide3
  • omnicide4
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