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3535 by VorteX

w1m4-wilderness-forge bloodomen2-style

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3534 by VorteX

More work on smith interior models

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3533 by VorteX

1 files

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3532 by VorteX

GameCode fixes:
  • Ai: reduced sight radius for unarmed civillians (wench, peasant etc., not barkeep or butcher). So they are less engaged in attacksing Kain.
  • Debug Level Trans: add prints of spawning errors (which tells about badly placed spawn points) - in g_debug_leveltrans 1
  • PlayerMovement: more precise corner avoiding, allows for smaller gaps.
  • SpawnSpot: document "message" key in entity definition.

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3531 by VorteX

data - add some base directories

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3530 by VorteX

Improve terrain materials (normalsmaps and glossmaps) - now using ShaderLab to generate normalmaps.

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3529 by VorteX

materials fix: fix overlays sorting

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3528 by VorteX

crypt textures: coal (animated) material

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3527 by VorteX

models/mapobjects/bar* - fix tag_lit to be outside of models, add 3 new models: bar5, bar6 and bar_tap.

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3526 by VorteX

models/mapobjects/inn/bar5 and bar6 model scripts (new models)

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