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DDS compressed lightmaps

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beta 1

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Cumulative gameplay and location patch:- add per-location postprocess filters (setp up in [mapeffects] section of map script), examples can be found at: w1m1 mausoleum, crypt,crypt2, w1m2 cave, w1m3 crypt,crypt2, w1m4 cave,forge, w1m5 fountain)- small r_shadows fix (add a little dlight at the start of level to let shadow system reinit)- add sleeping people (sleep_* entities)- gameplay: added silent kill feature, by going behind human enemy and invoking feed, you can kill it instantly.- gameplay: re-route entity saving ,added new "sfl" key which set a SaveFlag - 0 for class default, -1 for "force no save", 1 for "force save". Monsters and models are not saved by default (unless they are part of some script). So everything is like in Blood Omen now - monsters are respawned when level re-entered (except for ghosts, which is not implemented yet).- Nachtholm: 3 new locations finished (inn, inn2 and partially smith), added empty location of all sub-maps.- Wilderness, Nachtholm: foliage finished- Mausoleum, Crypt: new lighting (more original-like)- Ziegsturhl: add some secret places with bonus items- Ziegsturhl in: prevent early access to Flay spirit forge (teleports to different place if kain didn't speak with Ariel yet)- Models: lots of new mapobject models

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entities.ent - more entity documentation, sleeping people added

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src2ent tool fixes (fixed multiple groups include processing)

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