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Blood Omnicide Wiki

Welcome to the Blood Wiki, an official development wiki of Blood Omnicide. Here you can find info about modifying any aspect of the game.

SVN Change Log

3665 by VorteX

Bugfixes for inventory: fixed mouse offset being active with viewport/inventory screen, fixed dark diary being now shown sometimes, fixed gamepad inventory key events

3664 by VorteX

Bugfix: gamepad axis buttons not do exit current viewport, "use" button works too

3663 by VorteX

- fixed exitzone being activated when player spawned in it (causing automatic level exit on map load)
- restored classic Blood Omen cheats (full health, full energy, dark diary)
- all cheats now available in regular mode
- changeyaw now FPS-independent (fixed kain rotating too slow in low FPS)
- fixed crash on dynamic entities load
- fixed bugs with movement and attack keys being sticked on level transition
- fixed keyboard cheats to work again
- experimental support for Sony DualShock game controller
- new belt for modern HUD (has all 3 pages plus weapon)
- run mode: added separate binding key which activate "Run"
- changed movement binding: shift now activates "run", enter -> use.
- some work on new wolf jumping code (which draws landing zone)
- rebalanced enemies running (most of enemies now runs faster)

3662 by VorteX

QC for previous patch\

3661 by VorteX

New engine/game build:
- improved x360 gamepad support
- key names are now translatable (added new section to menu.nsx)
- new controls/gamepad/extended menu (joystick system settings + joystick buttons/axes debugging)
- menu: fixed back links (now focuses on proper item)
- menu: now uses fixed binding for joystick

3660 by Mean Person

исправления русской локализации настроек управления

3659 by VorteX

Bugfix/feature patch:
- fixed speech not being precached during level load
- run mode footsteps and weapon slash sound not alert enemies
- normal footstep sounds now have only 30% volume
- apply axial 45-degree restriction for player movement as sprites only have 8 fixed angles
- fix entity culling issues (effects not being spawned)

3658 by VorteX

9 files

3657 by VorteX

Map editor: fix wrong bloodmap path (used for ASE conversion)

3656 by VorteX

1 files

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