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Common materials are system textures with a special behavior assigned to them.

Common caulk.jpg common/caulk

A system material designed to 'caulk' or seal a map. In-game, it is a transparent solid texture. It is best applied to all surfaces which a player will be unable to see while in-game.

Caulk will block VIS, so it can seal you map from a void.

Tip: When you build a brush entity, mark all the brush sides that you will never see with caulk. Otherwise, the game draws every one of them. Also look around your map for brush faces that you suspect are being drawn, but are never seen: door pockets, bars, underneath bridges or very low railings and so on. It may sound like work, but attention to detail like this buys you both the appearance of greater geometric detail in the map AND faster game running speed.
Common nodraw.jpg common/nodraw

Non-solid, invisible texture. Just like caulk but additionally it do not block player movement and not making VIS splits.

Common clip.jpg common/clip

Invisible material which clips movement of players. Do not affects footsteps (footstep tracing skips clipsurfaces to get real material player standing on).

Player clip is often useful for "smoothing" out the geometry of the map, preventing the player from snagging on objects.

Common monsterclip.jpg common/monsterclip

Clip only NPC movement.

Common fullclip.jpg common/fullclip

PlayerClip + MonsterClip.

Common origin.jpg common/origin

Normally brush entities have no origin. Center of brush covered by this textures will set origin of it's parent BModel. This origin is used for movement (path spots) and rotation.

Common black.jpg common/black

Black wall, hides any stuff behing it. Dont cast a shadow.

Common areadisable.jpg common/areadisable

Black wall on steroids, this also hides any transparent entities, marks, effects.

Common iwater.jpg common/ilava

Invisible, sets brush contents to water. Also used on covering junction sides of water brushes (when making a long river). Water damages the player at slight rate.

Common islime.jpg common/islime

Invisible, sets brush contents to swamp. Swamp slows down player and damages at slight rate when he moves.

Common ilava.jpg common/ilava

Invisible, sets brush contents to lava. Also used on covering junction sides of lava brushes. Lava damages player at hight rate (even in mist form), very dangerous to walk on.

Common lightgrid.jpg common/lightgrid

World brush with this texture will make boundaries of entity static lighting. There is no other use.

[edit] Markers

This materials dont have any effects. Thay are just used to separate things.

Common trigger.jpg common/trigger

All triggers should be marked with this material.

Common roof.jpg common/roof

Material to cover invisible rooftops on func_roof.

Common mark.jpg common/mark1 ... common/mark9

Visible materials with different color to mark various stuff, like light glares, zones.

[edit] Unused

This materials are there, but have no functionality.

Common antiportal.jpg Common nodrop.jpg Common shadow.jpg
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