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This page contains a rough gameplay feature list that Blood Omnicide have added or altered in comparison with it's icon - Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. All features are added using "extend, not break" paradigm. And all changes are targeted to make better gameplay with new 3D environments. Features that are optional is marked italic. Not all features can be optional however. We are making game, not some kind of constructor.

Features that can't be made optional and prove breakage to game feel, will be removed.

[edit] Graphics

  • Modern hud;
  • Modern worldmap style;
  • Custom or automatic color for magic (automatic is based on biggest sphere was picked up);
  • Subtitles for speech (classic and above-the-head);
  • Subtitles for videos;

[edit] Sound

  • Different hit sound based on surface type;
  • New musical themes: extended (new tracks from Bloody Sounds) and modern (new tracks & remixes from Bloody Sounds);
  • Music are crossfaded between levels. If next level will play same track, music is not restarted.
  • Footstep sounds;
  • New ambient and combat sounds;

[edit] Gameplay general

  • Difficulty is raised, enemies got new attacks and AI are smarter;
  • Game speed: normal (PC), fast, faster (Playstation-like);
  • All melee weapons now using blade path tracing;
  • Nosgoth Blood Script can now be translated. This means different languages can have different rune alphabet;
  • Some secrets are changed, so needs to be found again;
  • New secrets added;
  • Camera is slightly higher than in Blood Omen;

[edit] New abilities

  • Run: press move button twice;
  • Silent kill attack. To perform it, stay behind a human enemy (enemy should be unaware) and do feed;
  • Autoaim for straightforward spells & artifacts (energy bolt, implode) - 15 degrees around look direction (activated by holding spell more than 1 second);
  • Soul Reaver can optionally use normal attack (does slightly more damage than iron sword) if attack is hold less than 0.5 sec;
  • Long jump for lupon form (which can get really far) - press jump and move button of current look direction at same time;
  • Axes combos now using "rage meter" which grows once player presses attack. To launch "whirlwind" attack player should do 6 or more pressing per second for 2 seconds, by making 2 or more pressing for second, a series of hits combo is launched (can make long series of 20-30 hits);

[edit] Combat changes

  • Sword attacks faster;
  • Axes attacks faster;
  • Enemies attack faster;
  • Flay homing are more smooth, also artifact can miss in some cases (when enemy runs out of flay velocity line and flay speed was too high to correct);
  • The chance for "Vae Victis" and Kain's laugh are greatly reduced;
  • Slow Time spell now affects all world around Kain, instead of just enemies. This means that missiles are slowed down too, as well as torch flames, rain particles, gravity, everything that is not Kain;

[edit] Captives

  • The chance for "Please help me kind sir" are reduced, speech are only played when Kain is close enough;

[edit] Enemies

  • Throwers do attack at 360 degree (was 8 directions only);
  • AI reacts faster, can chase Kain and follow him;
  • Melee enemies have better knowledge how to attack player;
  • Town characters flee when see Kain;

[edit] Interactivity

  • New marks to observe the world;
  • Can break, kick and push environments in houses;
  • All puzzles are randomized. Each time you begin game, puzzles you meet (there are not many ot them though) will be different;
  • Some of original map downfalls now considered instant death zones - once kain falls to the gulf, it loses one Heart of Darkness and get teleported to safe place;
  • Forest are semi-walkable now, allowing to reach new places and secrets;
  • Random weather cycle (original one was fixed);

[edit] Prologue changes

  • Kain cannot attack in tavern, this limit was added for speech sanity (Kain says 'and so I left').
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