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Blood Pill - a set of tools to manipulate with .BIG files. It can be used to view the data stored in pill.big - resources file of Blood Omen.

Blood Pill is able to decode all filetypes used in the game into readable/listenable form: speech sound, tile, sprite, tim graphich and more. Only Blood Omen .BIG files are supported.

[edit] Features

  • Packing/Unpacking of .BIG files for PC and PSX versions of BO
  • TIM <-> TGA autoconversion during packing and unpacking
  • RAW ADPCMWAV/OGG autoconversion during packing and unpacking
  • Unpacking sprites (enemies and objects) to separate TGA pictures
  • Unpacking tiles (level textures) to TGA
  • Unpacking the multiobject files ('merged' files that is used on some entries in BO)
  • .JAM video to .TGA decoding
  • Decoding VAG files to WAV PCM/OGG sounds
  • Decoding levels to TGA images (with optional developer info shown)
  • Patching .big files
  • Providing support for Blood Omnicide installation

[edit] Usage

Blood Pill is a commandline utility. To get available command list, execute it without any parms. Also there is some sample batch scripts in samples/ folder, covering most useful stuff:

Sample batch scripts:

  • bigfile_extract_file.bat : unpacks one file from pill.big.
  • bigfile_list.bat : create a listing file from pill.big
  • bigfile_unpack.bat : unpack pill.big with all conversions enabled.
  • bigfile_unpack_raw.bat : unpack pill.big with pure filetypes (no conversions).
  • bigfile_unpack_fortranslating.bat : unpack with TIM->TGA and ADPCM->WAV conversion which is useful for making your own BO PC translation.
  • bigfile_unpack_oggsounds.bat : unpack pill.big with all conversions and sound files being converted to Ogg Vorbis.
  • bigfile_unpack_mapsonly_solids.bat : raw unpack with MAP->TGA conversion, showing content blocks.
  • bigfile_unpack_mapsonly_plain.bat : raw unpack with MAP->TGA conversion, showing no additional info.
  • bigfile_unpack_mapsonly_withlighting.bat : raw unpack with MAP->TGA conversion, showing map lighting.
  • bigfile_unpack_mapsonly_withtriggers.bat : raw unpack with MAP->TGA conversion, showing map triggers.
  • bigfile_pack.bat : create a new pill2.big based on 'bigfile' folder (converts back all tga and wav).
  • tga2tim(test.tga).bat : TGA->TIM conversion
  • tim2tga(test.tim).bat : TIM->TGA conversion
  • tim2tga(test.tim)_16to24.bat : TIM->TGA conversion with 16->24 bits conversion enabled

To use sample batch files. copy them to directory that contains bpill.exe (pill.big should be there too).

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Unpacked sprites and tiles

[edit] JAM decoded frames

[edit] Blood Omen maps converted to TGA

Bomap1.jpg Bomap2.jpg Bomap3.jpg Bomap4.jpg
Bomap5.jpg Bomap6.jpg Bomap7.jpg Bomap8.jpg

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