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[edit] Introduction

Pattern scripts is special kind of expressions that returns 1 or 0. Script can check and combine wide range of conditions (gametime, special parms of entities, infoportions etc.). Pattern script are used for enemy appearance, gamemodel damage masks, trigger touchability and other events which only need to control availability of some action.

[edit] Script input

  • Pattern - script string
  • Script owner - entity that owns script
  • Script activator - entity that launched comparison event

[edit] Script rules

  • Instructions are case sensative
  • Operators (excluding ( and )) should be separated with space or tab.
  • Null script always returns 1

Basic syntax:

 // this script check if its a night or if there is an enemy within 300 units
 night | enemy<300>.found
 // this scripts check if gametime is between 12 and 14 hours
 hour =><= 12 14
 // this script check if it's fullmoon night or raining 
 (night & fullmoon) | raining

[edit] Operators

Operator Example Description
Logical operators (only applicable between expressions)
( ) (expression) Expression
& x & y Logical 'And'.
| x | y Logical 'Or'.
not x & not y Logical Not.
Comparison operators
= x = y Equal
!= x != y Not equal
> x > y Greater
>= x >= y Greater or equal
< x < y Lesser
<= x <= y Lesser or equal
>< x >< start end x > start And x < end
=>< x =>< start end x >= start And x < end
><= x ><= start end x > start And x <= end
=><= x =><= start end x >= start And x <= end

[edit] Functions

Set of functions is determined by pattern implementation. There is two pattern implementations as of yet.

[edit] GenericPattern

This is generic appearance pattern. It used on enemies appearance, zone appearance.


Always yes


Always no


Checks one of the field of script owner. Fields could be:
  • found - entity exists
  • touchable - entity is touchable trigger or zone
  • fired - trigger is deactivated. This is only applicable to: trigger_once, trigger_redirect, trigger_multi
  • solved - puzzle trigger is solved. This is only applicable to: trigger_puzzle
  • killed - entity was killed (deadflag is set)
  • dist x operator - check distance to activator
  • deadtime x operator - check time enemy being dead


Check field of script owner enemy. See fields list above.


Find entity by targetname (return first match). See fields list above.


Find enemy of script owner within given radius. See fields list above.


Find entity by SaveId. See fields list above.


Script activator is player.


Script activator is NPC.


Script activator is NPC posessed by player.

info infoportion

Activator has this infoportion

infovalue infoportion operator

Infoportion value comparison (false is always returned is there is no such infoportion).


Gametime hour is within 5.00 - 9.59.


Gametime hour is within 10.00 - 18.59.


Gametime hour is within 19.00 - 22.59.


Gametime hour is within 23.00 - 4.59.

hour x operator

Gametime hour is within some bounds.

time x operator

Gametime check using string gametime representation. All operators are supported.

daytime x operator

Gametime check using float gametime representation (daytime).

moontime x operator

Gametime check using float gametime representation (moontime).


Moon is on full state (note that moon can be on full state at day).


Moon is on null state.


Check if it is raining or snow.

[edit] GamemodelHitPattern


Always yes


Always no


System word. Allows to push object but not destroy. This should be the first operator in expression if used.


Returns true if model tag closest to hit position matches this tag. Otherwise 0.


Randomly returns true with this chance percentage. Typical values are 25%, 50%, 90% etc.


Weapon that was used to hit model have this damage type. Damagetype should be one of following constants:
  • slash - sword
  • crush - mace
  • crushblow - mace special hit
  • hack - axe
  • impale - throwing knifes, arrows
  • teeth - animals
  • claw - animals, wolf form
  • water - water damage
  • energy - energy bolts, magic missiles
  • spikes - spike zones
  • flame - fire, flame sword
  • flaying - flay artefact
  • imploding - implode artefact
  • soulreaver - soul reaver magic attack

[edit] See also

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