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Blood Omnicide is a project to recreate of Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain in 3D. Project is being builded on a three corner stones:

Stone one: Saving original game feel and providing nearly same gameplay and balance. For sure, there will be some improvements & innovations, just because of nature of porting. Most critical ones should be optional in order to not violate game experience.

Stone two: SDK that is open for modifications and additions so Omnicide can be used as a base for expansion packs and mods created in the world of Blood Omen.

Stone three: Blood Omnicide is engine port, it provides a patch that will port original game to new rendering pipeline. Blood Omnicide would require original PC Blood Omen or Playstation version of Blood Omen in order to play.

[edit] The Goals

All three stones make up the project's goals:

  • Port Blood Omen to 3D by using original game resources
  • Unveil all original resources and formats to be used by community
  • Produce a open-source code suitable for modding and level making
  • Provide nearly-same color theme and game feel as in original
  • Add 3D high definition content
  • Fix bugs caused by old technology limitations and evolve original features in the way they was maked by Blood Omen developers
  • Add optional new features

[edit] Key features

[edit] Gameplay Features

  • Improved AI
  • Improved game dynamics (combat attacks and actions)
  • More interactivity (Open Dynamics Engine physics, material system)
  • Game stats and achivements
  • QuakeC scripting language

[edit] Level design

  • All levels made from scratch
  • Top-down style of levels
  • Most of map events are scripted, not hardcoded (so, could be reused on user-made maps)
  • Altered secrets

[edit] Visuals

  • Hi-res textures (8x higher than original), new special effects
  • Original effects (gore, weather, spells) all reworked and improved
  • New 2d graphics for the menu and inventory screen

[edit] Engine

  • Multiple languages support (via localization packs)
  • Subtitles for speech and video
  • Levels in Quake 3 BSP format

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