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3515 by VorteX

Map build: add global illumination (bounce) settings

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3514 by VorteX

Fix start parms

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3513 by VorteX

Engine update:1) Fix offsetmapping/reliefmapping on non-suare textures (new shader keyword "dptexturesize" is added to help fix that, so shader now knows the correct sizes for offset steps, which is equal in case of square texture, but different for on-square one).2) Fix TGA loaded to correctly load alpha of 32-bit bogus TGA's (imagedescriptor = 0).

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3512 by VorteX

Radiant: add some missing key definitions for func_gamemodel.Map builder: force -patchshadows ON by default.

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3511 by VorteX

BloodMap - fixed a bug with patch meta keys (_pm, _ps) not working on func_group.

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3510 by VorteX

3 files

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3509 by VorteX

2 files

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3508 by VorteX

1 files

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3507 by VorteX

Installer improvements: added demo version restrictions (no item descriptions, gameplay till the pillars, start in kain's mausoleum). Preliminary work on DevKit installer.

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3506 by VorteX

More raw tracks for Echoes of omnicide

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