SVN changelog

Huge credits changes

Credits was overhauled.

Affected files: credits.nsx / gameover.nsx / demo.nsx. Lots of fixeS, unable to list them all. Please, get a new version from default/ locale and re-translate.

Added strings


message="Game stats"
under [gamestat]

new file strings/demo.nsx (check out locale/default/strings/demo.nsx for ititial contents).

Breaking changes on locales system!

Locales system was overhauled to include all blood omen text. Please, update your locales accordingly.

For more information see SVN log record 3424.


Added spirit forge speech to maps/w1m4-wilderness-forge.nsx. All locales is updated with english text. Please, translate!


Added locale/default/maps/w1m5-nachtholm-fountain.nsx (with all fountain speeches).


Added menu_opt_water = "Water" (menu.nsx / menu_opt / water ). 


New HD loading pic located in locale/default/loading.psd. Please copy and update your translations.


Added new strings to all translations:

  • menu.nsx / menu_opt / video_msaa : Multisample anti-aliasing
  • menu.nsx / menu_opt / video_fxaa : Fast postprocess anti-aliasing
  • menu.nsx / menu_opt / key_rotateleft : Rotate camera left
  • menu.nsx / menu_opt / key_rotateright : Rotate camera right
  • menu.nsx / menu_opt / key_adjustgamma : Adjust gamma
  • menu.nsx / menu_opt / game_allowrun : Allow run

Tip: New strings already added to all SVN-based locales, please change to translated variants.