Blood Omnicide blog


Plan for patch v0.11:

  • lots of bugfixes;
  • Xbox 360 and Sony DualShock gamepad support;
  • new features: run/sprint mode (new "Run" button), improved wolf-form jumping, improved AI, minor gameplay rebalance;
  • new features for gamepad play: "belt" inventory (forms, spells, items all in one screen), PS1-style camera offsetting (right stick); - built-in addon manager with addons: Distinct Chronicles, Bloody Sounds, Soul Reaver 2 pillars;
  • minor graphics improvements;

No new locations will be supplied with v0.11.

Details here:…/index.p…/Blood_Omnicide_v0.11

PS. preparing something special for you: a 50-minute immersion into mood of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, which will be released in the upcoming week. Stay tuned.