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3655 by VorteX

New DPOmnicide engine build - now with SDL2 support (some things is broken). Partial support for XBox 360 game controller.

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3654 by VorteX

new entries in locale//strings/menu.nsx
key_worldmap="World map"
key_darkdiary="Dark diary"
key_resetcamera="Reset camera"
joy_generic="Generic Controller"
joy_x360="XBox 360® Controller"
joy_model="Joystick model"
controls_extended="CONTROLS EXTENDED" textFontSize_x* 0.9

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3653 by VorteX

Config changes for XBox 360 game controller support

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3652 by VorteX

Some model world for Nachtholm smith

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3651 by VorteX

RWGTex update

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3650 by VorteX

Fixes for upcoming engine update

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3649 by VorteX

Start fade fix (fix rare bug of screen having fade from black on map start)

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3648 by VorteX

Game fixes:
- kain speed improved by 12% (to match original game)
- fixed minimap bound & camera rotation (new frustum-based min/max bounds system introduced)
Debug features:
- g_debug_overhead now shows minimap bounds editor for easier setup of minimap min/max bounds

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3647 by VorteX

Patch making tools - update revision exporter (svnex.exe replace with svnex.vbs).

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3646 by VorteX

A final things for v0.1 release

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