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Blood Omnicide v0.1 Beta 1 to Beta 2 fixes:Gameplay fixes:- Camera smoothing for stair movement now working- Disabled inventory item description and name speech for demo version (corresponding resources are not presented in Blood Omen Sneak Preview Edition)- When Kain dies in vampire form and Heart Of Darkness used to ressurect, active item counter is updated- Fixed bug with ODE forces not applied well on low framerates which prevents Kain from exiting Cemetery- Kain's day/night cycle and sun comments are now checked each time player enters level or teleported to another place- Delayed AI start by 1 sec., so ziegsturhl inn battles does not start before fade-out finishes- Fixed flayed skeleton animation- Fixed map start parms (developer feature, starting inventory when loading custom map with 'map' command)- Rain and thunder sounds stopped correctly while moving from environments with global weather to environments with local weather (like w1m4 cave)- Fixed peasant with scythe death animation timing.- Gog purple missile doesn't hurt friends anymore (fighting with many gog demons at once now is dangerous)- Gog missile can 'merge' with other missiles while getting too close, it gains some more life time and becomes faster- Added credits at the end of demo version- Added credits at the end of Blood Omnicide playable locations- Do not allow to suck blood from dormant (invisible) enemies- Rogue throwing knife direction cannot differ from rogue's yaw more than 45 degree (rogues was able to throw knife at 180 degree from the angles he is facing)- Added a "timeout" for murderer at prologue, so kain's automatically dies if murderer didn't reach him in 15 seconds after lethal hitMusic fixes:- Echoes of Omnicide included- Modern soundtrack are default now- Echoes of Omnicide soundtrack properly scripted nowMaps fixes:- Add missing enemies to w1m4-wilderness (Wilderness)- Add missing light to w1m3-pillars-crypt (Light Crypt)- Added "no rain damage" small zones to all maps (cave entrances, crypt entrances)- More secretsInstaller changes:- Blood Omen Bink Patch 2.0 videos are converted correctly (initially they are in FLAC format), so Blood Omnicide keeps sound in cinematics- English installer translation typos fixedMinor changes:- Hush a warning "Loadmodel: model info X not loaded!" for demo version- Hush "savepic:" console spam for load/save game menu

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Huge credits.nsx / gameover.nsx / demo.nsx update. Please. Lots of fixed, unable to list them all. Get a new version from default and re-translate.

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R /trunk/bo1/kain/music/echoes/road-ambience.oggEchoes of Omnicide big update

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