Blood Omnicide version 0.1

Blood Omnicide 0.1 - third release of project. And a first one to be considered actual game release. It have all nesessary features (such as installer, incorporated developer kit and production-quality content pipeline). Next releases are going to be supplied as content updates. Developer kit and mapeditor included with game allows everyone to extend and improve world of Nosgoth.

Dramatical changes since demo release:

  • Journey from Prologue til Nachtholm.
  • Complete overhaul of graphics pipeline.
  • Complete support for all type of Blood Omen files installation, including PC/PlayStation CD, image files, and even the Blood Omen Bink patch. Just put your Blood Omen CD and play!
  • Lots of new game features, including sleeping people and run mode.
  • Embedded map editor, physic viewer, particles editor, decorator and more.
  • New “Echoes of Omnicide” modern soundtrack from Kyle ♓ Myers.
  • Five languages embedded: English, Italian, Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian.
  • and more, visit Blood Wiki - Complete feature list .

System requirements:

  • Videocard that supports OpenGL 2.0 (GeForce 7600/Radeon X1300)
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • 3 Gb HDD


  • bloodomnicide00
  • bloodomnicide01
  • bloodomnicide02
  • bloodomnicide03
  • bloodomnicide04
  • bloodomnicide05
  • bloodomnicide06
  • bloodomnicide07
  • bloodomnicide08
  • bloodomnicide09
  • bloodomnicide10
  • bloodomnicide11


Blood Omnicide comes in the form of installer, which provides game installation in two steps:

  • Step 1: Copying of Blood Omnicide files
  • Step 2: Installation of Blood Omen files

During the installation process you will be prompted to insert a disk or browse a path to a image files of Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain for PC or for PlayStation, or select “I don’t have Blood Omen” option. Once the game is installed, you can reinstall Blood Omen files by running “setup.exe” (if you want to switch from demo to full version).


  1. Arrows - move Kain.
  2. Alt - attack.
  3. Ctrl - activate object/suck blood.
  4. Shift - cast spell.
  5. F1 - open Inventory.
  6. F2/F3/F4 - switch between form/spell and artifact.
  7. F6 - view map.
  8. F9/F10 - turn camera around.
  9. F11 - adjust gamma in game (more precise gamma control available in video options).

Additional info:

Just like previous demo release, Blood Omnicide 0.1 has some unfinished features which will be completed in future patches. All known issues is listed Blood Wiki - Known issues list.


Download: bo_0.1_setup.exe (~940 Mb)

The future of project is up to you, dear visitors. Only with your help Blood Omnicide will progress further. Now after several years of hard work project got a decent content pipeline and most of work is concentrated on locations, environments, textures and models. If you like this project and want it to continue, please consider join the team, to make locations, textures and models, programming, help us finish the project.


Feel free to use contact form to send us bug reports.