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[edit] Development vs Release

Blood Omnicide release version is different from what you get in repository.

For development version:

  • All files are real files (except for test installation)
  • All textures are uncompressed, DDS cache is optional
  • Sources and development files included
  • SDK and tools included

In release version:

  • All files packed into game archives
  • Textures are compressed (DDS cache only)
  • Source files and development files are deleted
  • SDK in separate download

Release version for the game is about 800 Mb and has shorter loading times.

[edit] Linked to Blood Omen

By just downloading a working copy of repository you don't get a working game. Since Blood Omnicide is a port, it heavily depends on original game media files.

Blood Omen files got copied when Blood Omnicide release version is being installed on a computer. Development version doesn't have such installer, but it has a test installation script that does the same job. The process of getting a working copy of Blood Omnicide is called test installation.

[edit] Sources are saved

All media file sources get saved to SVN, including source files for tools, textures and models. The only reason a source file doesn't get saved is when its size is too big (>100Mb). Sources are saved in the same folder as the exported files. The code sources don't need a further explanation, but textures and models apparently do:

Texture sources

Source is the base image (PSD or whatever) you are exporting to TGA texture.

Model sources

These have a lot of variations. For static models it is best to save sources as ASE files, if models are animated, store whatever source file you have (MAX, blend etc.)

[edit] Common conventions

A number of rules that should be followed in order to keep repository clean.

Files names

All files, folders, file extensions must be lowercase with all-latin characters and with no spacers. Failing this rule can throw a number of problems like limited portability and SVN errors.


Dont commit files no one will use. SVN is not a light version of FTP. It stores all file versions, even if it was deleted. So abusing it with many unused files will waste HDD space.

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