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Func group is virtual entity used to group brushes and patches together for convenience (selecting, moving, copying, etc). Also func_group can set explicit compiler-related entity keys to it's brushes. Regular entities cannot be grouped with func_group.

Important: When map is compiled, all func_group entities are merged into worldspawn.

[edit] Entity key list

Key Description Default value
Luxel scale _ls Lightmap pixel (luxel) size is scaled with this value. Lesser = better (luxel size cannot be less than 1 unit). Typical values are: 0.5 (double lightmap reqolution, high quality), 0.25 (quadruple lightmap resolution, very high quality), 2 (half lightmap size, low quality). Note that this is multiplier to default luxel size set by material or map build script.
Cast shadow group. _cs See shadow groups.
Receive shadow group. _rs See shadow groups.
Vertical texture projection _vp Forces a vertical texture projection to be used instead of brush/model/patch base UV coordinates. A value is size of texture in game units. Typical values are: 128, 200, 400 etc.
UV Scale _uvs Scales U/V coordinates. For fixing badly scaled terrain models.
Smooth normals _np Sets normal smoothing for entity brushes. See normal smoothing.
Patch meta _pm Forces curves to be baked as regular models.
Non solid _ns Disables BSP planes generation for entity brushes. Use on never-reachable surfaces or surfaces that will use BIH collisions (like brush terrain).
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