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Current SVN version: Blood Omnicide v0.11 beta

Issues reporting

  • Graphics issues and crash reports should be sent via e-mail to [email protected]
  • For graphics issues please report screenshots (F12 to make screenshot, files are found in "User Documents\Saved Games\omnicide\data\screenshots") and computer configuration (Processor type, RAM amount, Video card model and mark)
  • For game crash reports please send "User Documents\Saved Games\omnicide\data" contents (zipped) to [email protected]
  • Other reports should populate known-issues-list

Features which are not issues

  • Preview version has limitations - no prologue, missing item descriptions and some speech, game ends at pillars (you can still continue to play after credits)
  • In prologue scene, kain is not allowed to attack (because he say "and so i left")

Done for v0.11

New features

  • Support for Xbox 360 Game controller
  • Improved run mode: new "Run" button (SHIFT in PC version), "Use magic" is now ENTER (this also fixes issues of multiple SHIFT press causign windows button control menu to appear). Sample video:[1]
  • Improved wolf form jumping: added visible tracelines allowing precise travelling through obstacles, run mode handles new "aim then jump" mode. Sample video: [2]
  • Added camera offset (like in original game), now controlled by mouse or right gamepad stick
  • Build-in addon manager (allow to activate/deactivate mods)
  • Distinct chronicles addon by Mean_Person included
  • SoulReaver 2 pillars addon by Raina Audron included

Game fixes

  • Kain speed improved by 12% (to match original game)
  • Fixed minimap bound & camera rotation (new frustum-based min/max bounds system introduced)
  • Fixed local map (f6) remember button states and does move when reactivated ( [3] )
  • Classic Blood Omen cheat now work (refill health, refill energy, view dark diary) as here: [4]
  • All cheats now work in regular game build (in v0.1 they oly work in developer build)
  • Fixed bugs with movement and attack keys being sticked on level transition (so kain will not go up once act2 cutscene video is finished)
  • Fixed exitzone being activated when player spawned in it (only in low framerates, causing automatic level exit on map load)
  • First startup: fixed resolution select on first star (now only matches a standart PC/HD/4K modes, weird resolution for multi-monitor are rejected now)
  • Start fade fix (fix rare bug of screen not having fade from black on map start)
  • Player angle changes are now FPS-independent (fixed kain rotating too slow in low FPS)
  • Rebalanced enemies running (most of enemies now runs faster)

Other fixes

  • Hush music_tracklist debug prints
  • Map editor: fix wrong bloodmap path (used for ASE conversion)
  • Fixed speech not being precached during level load (causing loading hang)
  • "Run-mode" footstep and weapon slash sounds now alert enemies
  • Not-running footstep sounds now have only 30% of volume
  • Apply axial 45-degree restriction for player movement as sprites only have 8 fixed angles (for gamepad support)
  • Fix entity culling issues (fire effects not being spawned at level start)
  • Key names are now translatable (added new section to menu.nsx)
  • New controls/gamepad/extended menu (joystick system settings + joystick buttons/axes debugging)
  • Fixed back links in menu (now focuses on proper item)
  • Fixed game crash on dynamic entities load
  • Changed PC movement binding: shift now activates "run", enter -> use.
  • Slightly better textures

Plan for v0.11 (add new issues here)

Game fixes

  • Fix picked item re-appearing after second level re-entering ( [5] )
  • Bump locales
  • Include Bloody Sounds addon
  • Include Golden Leon locale addon
  • Support for Sony DualShock controller


  • [w1m2-ziegsturhl] remove local map back spot at north-east ( [6] )
  • [w1m2-ziegsturhl-inn] expand caulk zones so it fix issues with culling ( [7] )
  • [w1m4-wilderness-cave] restrict camera at second outdoor, so it doesn't go out of level ( [8] )
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