Blood Omnicide v0.1/0.1-0.11

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[edit] Done

[edit] Game fixes

  • kain speed improved by 12% (to match original game)
  • fixed minimap bound & camera rotation (new frustum-based min/max bounds system introduced)
  • local map (f6) remember button states and does move when reactivated ( [1] )

[edit] Other fixes

  • hush music_tracklist debug prints

[edit] Plan

[edit] Demo Version

  • fix item descriptions on first pickup

[edit] Game fixes

  • make old Blood Omen cheats work
  • make level loading to reset button states, so kain will not go up once act2 cutscene video is finished
  • fix picked item re-appearing after second level re-entering ( [2] )
  • fix exit zones to launch level transition while player didn't get camera origin yet, to fix a wilderness-pillars transition bug with cl_maxfps 20 (player get teleported back to wilderness)
  • NVidia hardware: fix 4K resolution startup (should not happen if monitor does not suppot it), maybe set a fallback to 1080p, not just windowed mode?

[edit] Location fixes

  • [w1m2-ziegsturhl] remove local map back spot at north-east ( [3] )
  • [w1m2-ziegsturhl-inn] expand caulk zones so it fix issues with culling ( [4] )
  • [w1m4-wilderness-cave] restrict camera at second outdoor, so it doesn't go out of level ( [5] )
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