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Current testing version

  • Blood Omnicide v0.1 beta 1 - download links sent via e-mail

What's on the test?

  • Whole game (from start to nachtholm)
  • Different locales
  • Different options
  • Report any issues you found
  • Please read known issues before start testing

Issues reports

  • Graphics issues and crash reports should be sent via e-mail to
  • For graphics issues please report screenshots (F12 to make screenshot, files are found in "User Documents\Saved Games\omnicide\data\screenshots") and computer configuration (Processor type, RAM amount, Video card model and mark)
  • For game crash reports please send "User Documents\Saved Games\omnicide\data" contents (zipped) to
  • Other reports should populate known-issues-list
  • Russian version: Here

Known issues List

Game general

  • [vortex] Prevent "For the embrace of the sun i found no confort" and such phrazes appear in the battle
  • [vortex] AI starts faster than screen fading goes away, which makes battle hard in ziegsturhl inn
  • [vortex] Camera rotation (F9 and F10) is bugged - sprites orientation, blood origins get wrong
  • [vortex] Sleeping people has bugs with blood origin (wrong offset)
  • [vortex] Cloudiness and weather style changing instantly sometimes
  • [vortex] Bat Marks and Bat form not working
  • [vortex] When Kain dies and Hear Of Darknessused to revive him, active item counter is unchanged
  • [vortex] Should add rain protect zones around location (for example, near houses and in the caves), for easier waiting
  • [vortex] Disable Gog demon friendly fire (lots of gogs easily killed in w1m5 henge location because of friendly fire)
  • [vortex] Monster's ghost forms (after being killed) is not working
  • [vortex] Flayed skeleton animation is bugged
  • [vortex] Peasant with Scythe death animation is bugged


  • [vortex] Echoes of Omnicide modern sountrack is not completed yet


  • [vortex] Missing save device texture


  • [vortex] Invisible walls in forest (should be removed)


  • [vortex] Missing sleeping people at inn, house3 и house4


  • [vortex] Rain sount does not stop if moving from outdoor part to dungeon
  • [vortex] Spirit forge demon statue is missing
  • [vortex] Spirit forge walls is missing


  • [vortex] Some houses are unfinished
  • [vortex] Blood Fountain model is unfinished
  • [vortex] Stone henge location missing grass, has bugs with exit zone
  • [vortex] Moon cave locations is unfinished


  • [vortex] hu-hu locale is out of date
  • [vortex] pl-pl locale is out of date
  • [vortex] pt-br locale is out of date
  • [vortex] fr-fr locale is out of date


  • [vortex] When installing right in the demo folder (where blood omnicide demo is located) files get corrupted and installation fails
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